Sunday, February 5, 2012


In the world today nothing is so constant, as it always has been, as change.

I am faced with some decisions to be made in the very near future that will affect....indeed even perhaps cause the closing of The people of Abraham group.

You may have seen that over the years the participation has dropped no matter how I have tried to carry on. I am now faced with a serious illness that may preclude any further efforts on behalf of the group.

I am searching for one of the members or listed administrators to take over, but I fear that will not happen. Elaboration is not necessary but I must give up the fight and someone else will have to pick up the sword so to speak and work for peace along with whomever remains to do so.

When and if it happens that somebody does step forward or the closing is finally necessary I will post further.

Rev. Bruce.......Tawodi

Monday, March 14, 2011

Thank God for King's Hearings!!

Starting with the testimony of the High Sheriff of L.A. County the other day, it is becoming apparent that a lot of information the Lamestream media WILL NOT COVER is making it's way to the population as never before. To anybody who has been watching instead of complaining, it is becoming abundantly clear that the Muslim community HAS, and IS, doing things to STOP the infiltration of radicals into their Mosques and fellowships. Those of us who have been working for years should vote a hearty thank you to King for doing this, as it cannot be said the information being gathered is made up of whole cloth or wishful thinking! Or even worse self serving lies as we all are so often accused of!!

One way or another, WE WILL BE HEARD!! Rev. Bruce

Monday, February 21, 2011

The Events in The Middle East...What Does It All Mean

Most of us have watched the events unfold over the last seven or eight weeks in the Middle East, beginning with the demonstrations in Egypt which focused most Americans in on the events and then leading to seven different countries and the protests there for “democracy”. It seems the beginning was in Tunisia, then moved to, briefly, Kuwait, Jordan, then to Egypt, Yemen, Algeria, Libya, The United Arab Emirates and now even small demonstrations are being seen in Iran.

Many of us that have done work in various phases of interfaith efforts and other venues of bridge building between peoples have seen two sides to this coin. The hopeful side that wants real democracy and the other side that wants Sharia law installed in a government that perforce becomes a theocracy, which could mean another Iran.

Of course there will be differences all through the mix as well. The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt is repeatedly sited as a moderating force, but they were NOT the ones who started the demonstrations in Egypt and are relative late comers to the show. But because they have an organised structure it may be easy for them to rise to the top of negotiations and setting up whatever government is to follow.

Supposedly they call themselves moderates, and have at least spoken that way. But, the other branches of the Brotherhood, in other countries, are not moderate and have elemants of Hamas and Hizbollah and others that are downright terrorist organizations. That naturally concerns people everywhere. Especially in the western world. And of course Israel.

In Egypt there have been very heartening examples of the people giving succor and support one to another regardless of religion or politics and that is a great hope lifter. In many instances they have shouted, ” Christian or Muslim, we are EGYPTIANS FIRST! This brings great hope that the people’s will to enter the twenty first century alongside the western secular governments that assure freedom of what ever someone believes, and that it can be practiced in safety and security. I myself believe that is the hope of most people no matter where they live or in what country they reside.

With freedom comes responsibility to one another, as few realise who have never had true freedom before, but it is a hard learned lesson that has been brought to the people as an example in Iraq and Afghanistan. Hard won indeed as so many want to hold power over those who are different and subjugate them anew.

It is my fondest wish that we will see the honest brokering with the people and their militaries and current and future leaders for shared power and responsibility in the countries as they shake off the bonds of Monarchies and dictatorships that have endured for, in some cases, 1400 years!

Let us all pray for these people and the countries they live in that they can find peace, liberty, and true equality in these perilous times.

Rev. Bruce Holzrichter Sr. Pastor, Tree of The Mustard Seed Ministries and Co-founder..The People of Abraham, Christians, Muslims and Jews.

Be Well Friends

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

It is TIME!!

With all the changes occuring in the world around us, the time has come to begin a membership drive for The People of Abraham, Christians, Muslims and Jews.
The group was begun in 2007 with the goal of bringing people together to discuss and form ways of accepting one another not as people of different beliefs who could not co-exist together, but as religious people who worshipped God understanding that God has a name and to some He is God, to others He is I AM, yet to others still, He is ALLAH, the one God.

It is with this in mind that many have come to read and learn from our example. The principle of mutual respect has grown in many instances into one of genuine love for people who are different but still are people with all the same goals that HUMANS have.

The first is to live free to worship in their own way. The second is to be safe in their persons and families. The third is to be accepted as our fellow citizens of the United States and the world, and not some nefarious OTHER to be afraid of, to see in suspicion or as a threat to the status quo.

Most of these people, be they Muslim, Christian, or Jew, simply want to be left alone to live and prosper. Raise their families, educate their children and pass peacefully into a future secure in these same ways, for those children.

Many of our friends have seen my writing and that of Robert Salaam the other co-founder of The People of Abraham and see what we have attempted and are accomplishing on a fairly small scale.

With this history I have contacted several friends who are members and asked them point blank, "Is it time to ask all of our friends and acquaintences into the fold?" Or will many of them be put off because I am a Christian Minister and be suspicious of that, and me, to ask this way. In each and every case they assured me I would be accepted because of my track record and that one of the best things EVER would be to swell the ranks of The People of Abraham to meet and deal with the changes occuring around us in the world today.

To provide a voice with a track record of what we believe, and practice, and to show that it does WORK! In spite of all the warnings and fear we have encountered.... IT DOES WORK!

I am posting this today, Tuesday February 8th. on the Blog for T.P.O.A. at **** My blog; Life religion family at... **** And the face book location of T.P.O.A.

I am also going to take the risk of asking all of our members to send a message to all of their friends on their lists for them to do the same. Join us and swell the ranks of T.P.O.A. as membership increases, we can be a stronger voice for peace and interfaith relations around the world. There are organizations with whom we are linked around the world now, for a short time our blog was rated one of the top five thousand in the world! I want that again... and more!

Those who do join us, need not fear they will be dragooned into doing anything they don't agree with, or of taking controversial stances for one faction or another, simply work for, and wish for, peace for all human beings everywhere and the right to live in that state of peace. There are among us people who write for a living and lecture on many things that support our goals such as uplifting the Ahmadiyya sect of Islam and the Sufi's as well. Both peace ful and very able to co-exist in the secular world today. That of course does NOT exclude Shiite and Sunni many of whom are American citizens and have been for generations! I do NOT give a pass to sects of Chrisrtianity that are not tolerant of other belief systems and faiths, if they spew hate they are called out for it! I myself really need not worry about my reputation, it is all over the net what, and who, I am and what I believe, and work for.

So join us! You will find the group at the face book location and signing up is easy and absolutely free anything you do to help us grow. Even just adding your name to those of us who pray for peaceful co-existence will be welcome indeed!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

"Ground Zero" Community Center...N.Y.C.

To the members; There is a controversy raging over the proposed community center a couple of blocks from "ground zero" in N.Y.C. As one of the co-founders of the group, I felt it incumbent upon me and Robert to investigate what, if any, reservations we should have in this matter. The answer in short is....none.
Imam Faisal Abdul Rauf is a member of the Sufi sect of Islam, as any one who is Muslim knows they and the Ammahdiya sect, are the two most peaceful sects there are in the followers of Islam. I have researched with Robert and by myself the history and writings of this man over the last ten days and from what I can find we as members of The People of Abraham, Christians, Muslims and Jews, should and must, welcome this center that is dedicated toward understanding and co-responsibility of human beings directed by God to be the peace bringers of the world. All of our books command us to do this, and being a devout Christian I can take no other course of action. I am hopeful that all will see the wisdom of this and join us here to fight the wrongful branding of over a billion people with the wrongdoing of those who would pollute their faith much the same as some pollute our Christian faith and that of Judaism as well. We must stand as People of the Book for peace... God commands it!

Reverend Bruce H. Holzrichter Sr. Tree of The Mustard Seed Ministries and The People of Abraham, Christians Muslims and Jews.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Data bases to check for up to date information on Islamic studies

I am posting some great sources of good information not the usual garbage usually seen when you go looking for information on the Qu'ran and the Hadiths to accomapy it and the things you are searching for.

As any one knows accurate information is vital to learning about Islam for every one who would learn about this faith system and the people who follow it around the world.

Many come here to learn and that is of course the purpose of this, and the other sites that I and others learn.

These are searchable data bases that are free to use for you and following those, are Amazon printed materials for you to pyrchase if you wish.

Searchable Qur'an and Hadith collections:
Searchable Qur'an translations:
Searchable Hadith Translations:

Translations of the Qur'an in print:

Be well friends......Rev. Bruce.........Tawodi

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I was asked a question recently and gave my answer as you can see.

I was just looking at it and thought it might go some way toward explaining my position and beliefs regarding the interfaith work I do and why I have no problem accepting that others do not think or sometimes even believe as I do and why it is alright with me.....more than alraight as the short piece explains. ENJOY!

It is important to note here several things that work toward tolerance, a word which by the way, I hate!! I simply "accept" that others think differently and as long as they are not violent that's just fine! I don't simply "tolerate" them! I find that a terrible way to treat people.

Many people believe many things. Are they right? Who can say with certainty.

What I do know is this, my faith is certain and unshakable. The reason for this is not unique to me, but it is unusual in the general population. I have had two major Epiphanies and a few small ones and many, many "God moments".

During candidacy for ministry one is compelled as part of the investigatory process, to go back in life and identify these moments. As you do, it becomes clear that we have prevenient grace with us all, that steers us in directions we would not have normally chosen. And events that can be clearly defined as such.

They are not, as is commonly thought, stepping in front of a car for instance and enduring a near miss. They are more complicated and usually concealed to some degree and require discernment to dig out of ones past.

Epiphanies are of course shattering events as they leave you (at least me) questioning your own sanity, in my case for nineteen years then a second one of which there is no doubt as there were witnesses, that were strangers to me, who saw something taking place. In other words disinterested people witnessed it.

Now that being said I have met others who have had moments of epiphany and with out exception, every one of them is as I am. OPEN!! Totally aware that we know almost NOTHING of God or His plans, all we KNOW is what we were asked to do, or to tell the people.

The other thing is that not one of us has faith any longer. We have knowledge. It is REAL!! No doubts, no questions, REAL!! We are not crazy, we are not deluded, we experienced something witnessed by others as a visible phenomanon and have proceeded with our lives doing as we were asked, in the humility that if we fail God will simply choose someone else. He is no respector of persons, no one knows this more than I and those who have experienced what I have.

I have NO RIGHT to tell anyone their faith or belief is wrong, everyone walks a different path.

The only exception to this is when violence enters the picture. Any excuse for violence against God's children to enforce any dogma what-so-ever is WRONG!! PERIOD!! We as Christians when confronted by derision are to simply walk away, not to confront it, but to not waste time and just walk away. I need no excuse to ignore the ignorant....niether do any of you. And, quite frankly you would be much better served if you learned to do just that. When asked a question in earnest do your best to answer it. When baited, stop exchanging and ignore the baiting. Do not retaliate or attempt further explanation, it is fruitless and you are simply being used by them to appear silly or stupid to others.

If you have a bone to pick with a particular poster tell them what it is, in plain human terms, do not use religion, they don't care about religion! With the exception of using it as a weapon against you!

State your case when posting religious themes and don't debate with people who are NOT interested in debating you, only trying to score points off you. Don't let them do that!

That is why there are some on here I will NOT answer questions from, I don't feel bad about this, they called it, not me.

Keep the faith, don't be dragged down, there is no need folks, really there isn't